• "There is a video game that doesn't exist, It's an urban legend/hoax, It's called Polybius, and you might have heard of it." - Ahoy

    Over several months, I was introduced to several tools such as "Sprite Something!" and "AnyFont". It helped me clean my spritework and has got me to where I am today. Now, I'd like to introduce everyone to the first project to be using these tools, Polybius.

    This Game is based off of what was in the AVGN Episode. However if enough people want it, I will do the RogueSynapse Version.

    • You control a ship moving down a hallway

    • Tap one side of the screen to teleport there.

    • A Leaderboard will be present in arcade mode, it will likely remain to your own high scores though.

    *Cubes will come at you. In casual mode you have to collect them.

    *In Arcade Mode, you have to shoot them. (Way of doing that while keeping gameplay button-less will be decided later)

    Here are some screenshots of the game, The graphics may not be final though. 3_1549674363648_IMG_4024.PNG 2_1549674363648_IMG_4023.PNG 1_1549674363648_IMG_4022.PNG 0_1549674363646_IMG_4021.PNG

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    Looks really cool. Cant wait to see this in the hub so we can play it :)

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