Edit your comments in the Hub

  • Would be nice if we could edit our comments in the Hub.

    Sometimes I make a spelling/grammar mistake or forgot to add some crucial information into my comment (which leads to people having to comment again with their corrected comment)

    A way you could prevent abuse of editing comments:

    • Edited comments have an "edited" link, clicking that would take you to the revisions (so you could see the original unedited comment)
    • Only let you edit within a day or two of when you posted the comment

  • Bumping this cause I just made a minor mistake in a hub comment and there's nothing I can do about it 😭

  • Admin

    I'll make it so that you can edit/delete comments in the new hub

  • @Hamed Will it be possible to edit projects on the new hub? Like deleting or maybe changing a few information like description, everything without getting to update a project?

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