• It’s been kinda silent on here recently, so I thought I’d post something. I’ve decided to drop the idea of UNCN 2 being story based and now I’m making it a sequel with twice the amount of characters than the first one. (Not sure if it’ll work out though, we’ll have to wait and see. :3) This is gonna be BIG, I hope I can finish it but who knows. Anyway, enough of me rambling about my stuff, how have y’all been doin? Haven’t heard a lot recently. :)

  • Yeah, it feels empty in here...

    When hyperPad explodes in popularity, I think our projects can finally be recognized and be actually played. :)

    It will take a while for hyperPad to fix some stuff and get things going, but I will still try to promote hyperPad because I want hyperPad to be a reliable app for creating 2D games. 👌

  • Anyways, I’m not working on many things.
    (Okay, other than a multiplayer project... 😅)

    I’m making some small projects to pass my time. When there are new useful features, I can try to implement it to my big project that I’m working on. 👌

  • All I've been doing with hyperPad is checking the forums/hub almost every day to see if anyone else is doing anything 😛. Not actually working on any projects, I keep stopping and starting with my main project hard to find motivation for it.

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