Play Mode Ad Freeze

  • iPad Model: Ipad Mini 2
    iOS version: 12.1.44
    hyperPad Version: Latest
    Description: After playing another users level from the hub, the game feezes when the ad pops up and after a thew seconds it crashes.
    Steps to reproduce: Find a level in the hub, Click play, Wait for add, wait for crash.
    Additional info: This does not work with downloaded levels, this is not specific the the type of ad shown to me, this happened on “BotPixel Games” by “RobinsonX

  • @alexhasnoface Robinson's Botpixel Games project crashes for me no matter what I do, just saying this because I'm not sure if it's just ads causing it and whether it will happen for all other projects.

  • I dont think it is the ads, as they dont crash me on my downloaded cources. This may be a performance issue.

  • Admin

    Switched to new updated google ad system in 1.24. This should be fixed

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