Idea for HyperPads next update: Achievement System

  • The way this could work is that you can add achievements for your games by completing certain objectives. For example, we could make a new coding block called “Earn Achievement”. It would work like this:
    First of all, we’ll need to introduce another new block to make this work better, “After Scene” <- Another new block idea, triggers events after a Scene has ended. So you would place the blocks like this:
    After Scene -
    “Scene 1”
    | (The arrow’s glitchy, sorry about that.)
    Earn Achievement -
    “The Journey Begins:
    Beat the first level.”
    Furthermore, you could also make custom icons for your achievements as-well as make them a bronze, silver, gold or a platinum achievement, bronze achievements are obviously gonna be much easier to get than platinum achievements. Here’s an example of what it could look like when you earn an achievement:
    So, what do you think? Would this be cool or a complete disaster? Let me know!

  • @sonickid7 Could you not just make the achievement system yourself in your game? I think that's because this is already possible to make ourselves, it's not really necessary as it's own behaviour.

  • I think it's better just to make your own achievement system, so you have full control on how everything works and looks.

    Though it would be nice for me to make a generic achievement system for my games, and then import it to all my games (so I don't have to remake it every game). That should be possible when they release behaviour/template importing

  • Oh cool!

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