Rejected Not Custom Night

  • I know that some people want me to try and make an original game and I will try that soon, once all my FNaF projects are out the way.
    Here we go again, yet another nightmare! This time, in an alternate universe! Face off against the characters who didn’t make the cut in the original UNCN & UNCN 2! New threats come with new mechanics too! (Those will be revealed soon once all the mechanics for each character are finalised.) Here’s the roster:
    Yep, the main roster has gone back down to 15 characters. UNCN 2, featuring 30 characters, was not only an necessity to make, it was also WAY too difficult in the harder challenges which is the reason why the number of characters has gone back down a bit. However, this one still has more extra characters than the original UNCN, so that’s something! Stay tuned for more information!

  • Sans, Jevil, inkling, juniper (geometrydash), asrial, waluigi and some random anime (alert) girl

  • Yup, nearly got all of them right! Apart from SecretUser02 (The Geometry Dash Icon) and Natsuki (The Anime Girl).

  • I never watch anime. .-.

  • Natsuki is actually from a game, Doki Doki Literature Club. Quite a disturbing game, though.

    It gets much worse now...

  • ALL OF THE CHARACTERS ARE PROGRAMMED! Here’s some gameplay screenshots!

  • What do you use to make ur custom sprites? I use Procreate

  • I draw and edit my sprites/images in PicsArt.

  • I will only publish this game once i’ve beaten 17/20 Mode and, of course, finished everything else. Stay tuned for more info on the game itself and my 17/20 Mode progress!

  • I apologise for the lack of updates on the game recently, I took a long break. Back to work on the game!

  • Awesome!

  • The games nearly finished uwu
    To celebrate this, here’s how all the characters work:

    1. RoboJayden - When you hear him charging his laser, keep the mask on until the screen flashes green.
    2. Lisa - She will slide across the office, put the mask on until she leaves.
    3. Bully Boy - He sits in the office, whenever he asks for money, quickly punch him in the face.
    4. Robert - Whenever you hear his voice, keep the left door closed until he leaves.
    5. F.R.E.E - Whenever you hear her voice, keep the right door closed until she leaves.
    6. Clown Gremlin - He crawls through the vents. Once he reaches the entrance, you’ll hear him laugh. Keep the vent closed until you hear a thud, indicating that he’s been reset.
    7. Inkling - She crawls in the vents, unlike Clown Gremlin, She won’t give a sound cue for when she’s ready to attack. Check the vent radar every so often to see how close she is.
    8. Pearl & Marina - They randomly spawn ads at you, skip them before someone else sneaks in for the kill.
    9. Molten Jayden - He sits on the stage with Funtime Jayden. Whenever his eye starts glowing, you must shock him to reset him.
    10. Funtime Jayden - He will sit on the Show Stage and occasionally leave to try and attack you. Listen for his voice. If you hear him say, “Ready or not, hear I come!” close the left door. If he says “Get ready for a surprise!” close the right door.
    11. Shiny Kori - She will crawl in the vents but won’t be detected on the radar. The only thing giving away her attack is her eyes being visible in the entrance once she reaches your office. Shut the vent until she leaves.
    12. Meloetta - Keep its music playing or it will leave its room to come and get you! You can also use the Global Music Box to keep it distracted.
    13. Morgana - He has a chance of appearing and skipping 45 seconds of the night.
    14. Asriel - He will randomly appear to distract you.
    15. Muffet - She sits in her Bake Sale. Her business is going well, but she still needs more patronage! Be sure to check her camera frequently and look at her sign. Buy the appropriate pastry, depending on what the sign tells you to buy, to satisfy her.
    16. Dank Jayden - He will randomly appear in the office and ask for a Mountain Dew. Find it and tap on it to make him leave.
    17. Experiment_Beast_16 - He sits in the chamber. Pay attention to his eyes, if they are open, you must turn on the Global Music Box until his eyes are closed.

    Jevil - He can do anything! One of these things is spawning one of his six Special Characters into your night! The character added will not be announced.

    Jevil’s Roster:

    1. Sans - Whenever you hear Megalovania playing, keep the Global Music Box on until the music stops or you’ll get dunked on!
    2. ShadowKid6 - He will attempt to use Chaos Control. Shut the right door to stop him. If he uses Chaos Control, your timer will be wound back by 30 seconds.
    3. Waluigi - He will only attack once when summoned by Jevil. When he’s poised to attack, you’ll hear loud banging. When this happens, you’ll have a short amount of time to close the middle vent to send him away.
    4. Octoling - If she appears on the desk, put the mask on until you hear her leave.
    5. Walkie-Talkie Guy - He will call you, making a lot of noise until he leaves.
    6. SecretUser02 - Meow Meow!
    7. Natsuki - Muffet stole her cupcake! When Natsuki appears in the office, buy the cupcake from the Bake Sale to make her leave.
    8. Blueberry Men - They block your view of the office for 60 seconds.

  • EVERYTHING IS FINISHED! Now I’ve got to prove that the game is completable by beating 17/20 Mode, then I wanna add some secrets into the game and then it’s ready to be posted to the public! Stay tuned for my 17/20 Mode progress!

    I’m actually blown away that I beat something that difficult that quickly. But at least I can continue to work on the game and prepare it for release, knowing that it’s possible to beat! :D

  • The game is now ready for release, get ready for the next and possibly last instalment of the UNCN Series, Rejected Not Custom Night! Since the game is literally minutes away from release, I may aswell share some of the remaining information that I’ve been keeping a secret.
    First of all, the Extras; in the Extras, you can have a behind the scenes look at how the game was made, all of the voicelines, music and more! The secrets; this game has about 3-4 secrets, try to find them all! The challenges; there are about 8-9 themed challenges, have a go at them and show those enemies who’s boss! Finally, yes, 17/20 Mode is possible! Have a look at the previous post if you don’t believe me!
    There you have it! I’m releasing the game right now, I hope ya’ll have fun playing it! Stay fresh!

  • The game is out! Have fun everybody!

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