Share data/Box Containers across objects

  • This isn't super necessary to have, but it would be nice if behaviour outputs (at least Box Containers since they can easily store data from other behaviours within the object) could be shared across objects. We used to be able to do this using the old broadcast/receive message system, where broadcast message could broadcast a box container, and the receive message could use that to have permanent access to that box container.

    Short video showing this in an old project: 0_1561972028227_C6E43F6A-3391-4BCE-8093-2B35BB923903.MP4

    At the moment the newer iOS has this thing where you can drag photos/files across apps by just holding it down, could hyperPad have a similar thing? By the way, if you try to drag inputs across objects you end up with this minor bug: 0_1561972123582_1F765D68-ED7F-490E-9CAF-CD26E768CE8A.MP4

  • Hmmmmmmm....

    Instead of having to switch between objects to share data, why not have it global?

    There could be a tab where all your Box Containers, Values, Dictionaries and Arrays will be and you can simply drag their output into other behaviors in other objects.

  • I may be misinterpreting what you are saying, but can’t you already do this with attributes?

  • @t-studios Yes, except you have to use Get Atrribute every time you update it. For most projects this doesn't really matter, but if you really need maximum efficiency this MIGHT be useful (I'm not sure how much each behaviour being run affects performance), since it removes the need to broadcast a message and get the attribute for every object that uses this. Also, I imagine Get Attribute might take up extra memory (especially if it's a very big attribute) because it sort of saves the attribute inside the behaviour itself.

  • I just think a way for other objects to properly have access to input fields from other objects should be a thing. Especially since when small bugs in hyperPad happen that cause this (for example duplicating an object, and the inputs not updating to the behaviours in the new object) the behaviours still work fine.

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