Collision sounds when level starts.

  • You can do that, but there’s an another way.

    You can tag all the physical objects (barrels, crates, etc.) and you can manipulate all the tag objects in one single object. It saves all the hassle of going through every single object to change something.

  • I have tried using the ”stop all sound effects”, but I have no idea how it works. No matter what I try the sound effects just keep playing.

  • "Stop all sound effects" only stops sounds that are currently playing and doesn't prevent sounds to start playing. You could try triggering it continously for the first few moments and disable it.

  • I really can’t figure this out. I tried to loop with 0.0 second interval the ”stop sounds”, I’ve tried disabling the physical objects, always the level starts with a loud bang with everything hitting the floor or other objects they are on top of. I think the sound happens before any other command can silence them.

    I think I’ll have to completely change the way the sounds are triggered. :O

    There is no way to turn off the sounds and then turn them on like there is for music?

  • Maybe you could send us a project, we can help! @JiiS

  • @jiis Ideally hyperPad should add some sort of global mute and unmute behaviour, which mutes everything in the scene.

    I don't think there's currently a better solution that will not require you to edit each object that makes a sound.

    If you need some help on how to make an object not play sound on the first collision, let me know, I'll make you an example project.

    Though maybe @Hamed or @Murtaza have a better idea on how to approach this.

  • Thanks to you both.

    RobinsonX: Where would I send it?

    Kamdroid: Thanks, two offers for help, I don’t know what to do. :D

    Maybe I’ll send it to Robinson and if he/she can’t figure it out i’ll continue screaming for help.

  • @JiiS You can send the link of the project in this page, everyone here can help and suggest stuff.

    On your project (On the Projects menu), press the three dots on the bottom right corner of the project thumbnail, you can press Email Download Link and get the link that way. (Send the link to your own email or copy the link directly from the message)



  • Let’s see if this works.

    There’s a lot of work in progress stuff, but this first level is quite playable. I don’t want to continue building the next levels before I (you :D) solve this.

    Polish comes later. =)

    EDIT: The link doesn’t work for me, says connection error every time, but let me know if it works for you.


    I fixed it! Copy the link and paste it on safari if it doesn't open up here. @JiiS

  • @robinsonx
    Thanks! There may not be a lot of people on the forum yet, but damn you guys areall so supportive!

  • @robinsonx
    Now had time to sit down and try this. It seems you added some other nice touches as well. :D Needs all kinds of polish, but I love what you did to the doors. Definitely gonna steal that graphic trick! =)

    I might be dumb, but where are the crate collision mechanics now so I can study them?
    EDIT: I was blind, found the Mother Crate.

  • There's a single crate above where the main character starts. (Outside the map) That crate holds all the logic of the crates, you can change the logic and it will update all the other crates in the scene.

    The crates in the scene can be duplicated and they will be replaced with the original crate's logic.

    And of course! You got permission to use everything in the project that I put in. Abuse it as much as you want! :D

  • @JiiS :D

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