1.24 Finally Available!

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    We just hit the release button for 1.24, it should be hitting your local App Stores shortly.
    This update was supposed to be a smaller bug fix update but sort of grew into a major feature release. We've added some much needed enhancements and fixed a lot of bugs.

    Additionally we're making a major change to hyperPad pricing. hyperPad is no longer a free app. We've decided to make it a single purchase, and you automatically get access to all the developer tier features. So for $14.99 you get all the awesome features including exporting to the App Store!
    All enthusiast(indie) and student users get upgraded for free. Existing free users can still access the "Enthusiast" in-app purchase (will be upgraded to developer as well), as a special promotion we'll be keeping the price of the in-app purchase the same so you can take advantage of this cheap upgrade.

    If you're a monthly developer subscriber, you can cancel your subscription and keep the developer status.

    As usual, if you have any question or comments about this update, we'll leave the thread open for discussion.

    New Features

    • Age Gate to verify user is over 13 when using community features
    • Blending options on BM Fonts
    • Custom Alert Popups (removed Text input popup behaviour)
    • Screen Shake behaviour now has X and Y values. Allowing you to independently shake the screen in either direction
    • New Get Life Indicator behaviour
    • New Append Array Behaviour
    • Analytics now use gameanalytics.com
    • Add a manual delta time for behaviours with the dropdown for speed vs duration
    • Export Rotation in get screen behaviour
    • Add rotate screen to behaviour
    • Set object anchor point behavior
      -Behaviour search!!!!!!
    • Reward ads for trigger ad behaviour now supported
    • New Set Object Anchor Point behaviour
    • New Rotate Screen behaviour
    • Get Screen behaviour now exports rotation
    • Manual delta time for behaviours with the dropdown for speed vs duration. Allowing you to create tweens based on while events like "while touching"
    • For pixel art graphics you can now disable Anti Aliasing in the asset library.

    Bug Fixes

    • Movable platform behaviour does not properly carry objects when moving vertically, making for a rough ride.
    • Cannot set the animation speed from receive message behaviour
    • Modifying a polygon collision that has negative scale y will be mirrored on y axis
    • Position behaviours are not taking into account non-default pt/m ratios
    • Crash when using Shuffle on an empty array via Sort Array
    • Move to object, detach, ignore collisions, collision behaviours, pivot, propel, rod attach, rope attach, doesn't work with tags
    • Anchor B is not defaulted to 50%, it is 0 even though the default value says 50%
    • Apply Force now is based on the anchor point of the collision shape
    • Scale behaviours do not work with object IDs when trying to scale by meters.
    • Tilt behaviour does not work when added to global behaviours
    • When restarting a scene without refresh, a moving object cant move again
    • When disabling refresh option in restart scene behaviour, there are undesirable effects on non-ui objects where timers and animations no longer work
    • Ignore objects bullet behaviour doesn't do anything
    • Comment behaviour does not properly escape quotations. Causing them to not show up and cut off the comment.
    • Else-if does not appear to fire when in “No condition selected” state (should function as a simple else).
    • When duplicating objects with behaviours that has passed array parameters, the duplicated passed array parameter is not pointing to the duplicated array.
    • Locked rotation turns off when moving an object with a locked rotation to another layer
    • When you add an array to an IF hyperPad crashes
    • Position of particles are wrong after disabling an object with particles
    • Hit screen edge doubles with enabling and disabling the object
    • When adding an array of objects to something that only expects one object, it should choose the first item
    • Spawned objects and object referencing do not work correctly when used together
    • Scale behaviour doesn't work when using meters and scaling to 0
    • Fixed bug with for loop end condition not being updated after every loop iteration
    • Fixed bug where if behaviour doesn't work when 0.1 is set as the second parameter
    • Fixed bug where objects rotation is locked by default when changing physics type using make physics behaviour.
    • Really old projects that use behaviours with sliders may cause hyperPad to crash
    • Get Object By Name behaviour will crash if a name doesn't exist
    • A physics object and wall object that is weld attached would cause unexpected results
    • Duplicated objects with behaviours that use object IDs from spawn will use the object ID from the previous objects spawn behaviour instead of the new one
    • Get Array value doesn't work with output behaviours
    • Remove Tag behaviour removes all tags, not just the one specified.
    • Adding an array to a number field it crashes
    • Setting an Array or Dictionary with invalid format causes crash
    • After a tag is added to an object via the add tag behaviour other behaviours still can’t access it by that tag.
    • Trigger Ad behaviour doesn't export whether or not the ad was clicked or not
    • Socket.io not working, client unable to connect to server. Server does not see any incoming connection attempts- -
    • Ui objects are not converting to world coordinates on touch behaviours
    • Get Bounding Box values are incorrect
      -Tags added to an object with Add Tag behaviour would not be seen by other objects.

  • @murtaza Finally, I don't have to be broke to be a developer. Thanks 😁

  • @murtaza Yet I still have to be "KA" :(

  • No tier label either, unlike some other users. I bought hyperPad a week after it's release, when I think it was just a paid app (and got transferred to "indie" tier, is this an issue?

  • 0_1566344522034_D839DE5B-B885-4773-9492-377CF42C9C87.jpeg
    Once the update came out, one of my projects were unable to be edited or played on. It would display a blank screen, like the project was empty...

    Other users are having the same issue. Please fix! 😭

  • 0_1566344682615_1520067D-59DC-4499-9F6E-511E6E24F33E.png
    This is a screenshot of me playing a project, and it's blank... Weird.

  • Admin

    @RobinsonX can you share a link to your project and then open it and see if that fixes your issue?

  • Admin

    @kamdroid Will fix it shortly Should be fixed now

  • Admin

    It looks like a small number of users on iOS 12+ with older projects are affected by an invalid permissions issue. This is because Apple updated sqlite and no longer use journaling on sqlite databases.

    You can fix it with the instructions below:

    Go into files app, navigate into the hyperPad folder and into to your affected hyperpad project.

    Navigate into Levels Folder.

    Navigate into Level 1 folder.

    There are going to be 3 Level files. Press and hold each one and determine what the file extension is by clicking on Info

    Delete the files that have the extension sqlite-wal and sqlite-shm

    Or send us the project and we can fix it for you.

  • @hamed Still can't change profile picture (same "must be developer" pop up) and no tier displayed on my hub profile either.

  • Thank you @Hamed, that fixed it! 😊

  • Admin

    @Kamdroid just tested it. I'm now a cat!

  • Works now :)

  • @Hamed Are there any plans to expand the hyperPad shop? Would love to see new assets on there!

  • Admin

    @stanica said in 1.24 Finally Available!:

    @Hamed Are there any plans to expand the hyperPad shop? Would love to see new assets on there!

    We'll be adding more stuff soonish. The goal is to open it up so users can put their own content there eventually :)

  • I can imagine a lot of amazing content when you add the ability to import a project/behaviour/scene in an existing project.

  • I’m late to notice this but I don’t think I got upgraded from enthusiast to developer

  • Admin

    @T-Studios you should be upgraded now

  • Just a quick question... I've been a Hyperpad user for a long long time. Does that mean I'm permanently a developer now, or just for a month? @Hamed

    Also, I think Hyperpad would benefit from a Discord server.

  • Admin


    Permanently. We’ve changed the pricing model so so everyone is developer. If for some reason we go free again, you still keep it. We don’t take things away :)

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