Set Screen Rotation behaviour immediately crashes HyperPad when tapped on

  • iPad Model: iPad Air
    iOS version: iOS 12.4
    hyperPad Version: 1.24
    Description: I was testing the new behaviours with my project. When I tried to test the Set Screen Rotation Behaviour, it crashed HyperPad the moment I tapped on it. I tried again after loading the app back up and the same thing happened.
    Steps to reproduce: Literally just add a Set Screen Rotation Behaviour to an object and tap on it.
    Additional info: I can’t send you a link to the project (My iPad doesn’t let me.), so you’ll have to help me through messages.

  • Admin

    Yes, we missed this one. Will be fixed in the next update. 1.25

  • Thanks, I really wanted to test that one out, good thing it’ll be fixed.

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