How to select tags to collide with other tags

  • Hey its me once again. Might be an easy solution but I cant find this answer anywhere on the manuals. I want to select a tag to collide with another tag under the collided behavior. I tried getting another behavior which is the “get objects by tag” and dragging its values to the first collided spot but this doesnt work. I included a screenshot.27A13177-E54B-42BC-88AB-4F151B3CDB29.jpeg B2ACBB20-1528-4434-9B15-EA8B0D5FE222.jpeg

  • @SplitMindGaming currently I don't think it's easily possible. The best way to do this would be to have the collided behaviour logic inside of the objects with the tags you're using.

  • @Aidan-Oxley yes I was afraid so. Im using tiling images of a floor. I just didnt want the code to be clustered by putting the collide behavior to each little top tileset. Thanks for the reply

  • It would be possible, if hyperPad didn't override dynamic creations of colliding behaviours. At least that's what I think is happening.

    As you can see, these behaviours properly loop every object in player and enemy tags, to collide with any ground or ice tags.

    However only 1 of these objects will have collision triggered, mostly the last object, because I think it gets overridden.



    Also tried using a "behaviour on" loop with broadcast/receive message system but still has the same issue.

    Also note that I'm not using "index 0", but the loop index, that's a hyperPad display glitch.

  • Admin

    @Kamdroid you don't need a loop. If you don't add a loop it should work. When an object collides in that group, it should be passing the one that collided down.

    When you have it in a loop, you're "overwriting" the previous collide behaviour

  • @Hamed So how would you make tags collide with tags? (like I tried, without using a loop)

  • I thought literally putting two groups of objects in a collide behavior would work.. Maybe a bug?

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