First game

  • I need ideas for my first game. Also i need help making my first game.

  • Platformers are really easy to make, and there’s a bunch of pre-made graphics on the hyperPad store for free. There’s also an abundance of tutorials on the help page that should get you in the right direction.
    Also never start out with a FNAF clone. And never attempt one until you’re extremely confident. Saying this out of past experiences. Don’t ask.

  • @SavageBuilderKid u learn by creating. Hyperpad does a good job of getting you up and running really fast. Its actually the long run and when you start to understand things more that gets you in trouble in my experience. Right now i find myself trying to work things around for my game due to hyperpad limitless then To really Be putting everything i really want for my game..So my advice is to not think big and really just get your feet wet.

  • Admin

    @SplitMindGaming is right. Start small, and focus on specific things.
    A lot of beginners make the mistake of trying to create their favourite games. Well more often then not your favourite game is made by larger teams, and with a lot of money!

    Instead, focus on specific elements, or smaller projects and expand on them. For example if you really want to make your favourite game, instead make just one element of it. If you're favourite game is Zelda for example, it's pretty unrealistic to make that whole thing! Instead, try to make a specific part. How about just a character that moves around and has a sword? Then build on that.

    Usually, I just recommend people making a game like pong. It's a great starter game that lets you experience various parts of he hyperPad platform. The gameplay is simple, and there is LOTs of room for you to improve on and make it your own.

    We even have a great tutorial on it

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