Grouping behaviors on the U.I Editor

  • So I’ve really been trying to learn other game engine softwares to broaden my learning for game development. I have been using Unreal Engine and their blueprint system is actually very similar to hyperPad visual scripting interface. They have this feature that I love where you are able to group a certain amount of coding into one to have a better and cleaner looking interface. View the screenshot. You can select all the coding into a group and even place a comment above to see what that group of code represents. Be nice if hyperPad inherited this feature so we can have a more cleaner interface and know exactly where our coding is at on the behavior editor section. It’s also nice because you can move this entire block of grouped coding easily.A8353A4F-4EC8-485A-8386-E8E649029A10.jpeg

  • We used to have a feature where we can collapse a behavior tree into one single behavior, I don't know why it got removed.. However, there is a comment behavior that you can use in the editor to describe behaviors and such.

  • Admin

    It got removed because people kept “losing” their behaviours. But yes grouping it in this way is cool. What we want to do is create little functions that behave like JavaScript promises. Where you create a standalone function where it has a “resolve” behaviour to output when its done. And then make these functions shareable so you can import them across projects and send them to people.

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