I Give Up.

  • It’s official. I have been on the search to build a full game just for iOS. These are the game engines I have tried. Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Gamemaker, recently Construct 3. Construct 3 is actually the closest you will get to developing on an iPad. Has all the features I could dream of. Has a lot of similarities to hyperPad which actually made learning it much easier. But dammit nothing beats hyperPads interface. In construct 3 to test your game on your device you have to literally build it in Xcode. Then transfer it to your iOS. With hyperPad they are clever with the viewer app as you can test your game on any iOS device without even building to Xcode. Which makes me think of a quick question. Ive noticed people had lag issues with some of the games on the hub. Is that lag issue only apparent to hyperPad. Let’s say they were to build that game to Xcode and actually test the final build. Would the lag still exist with that Xcode file? But anyways back to the subject. If anyone here is trying to embark on finding the perfect game engine to specifically build for iOS. Don’t bother looking. HyperPad truly has something special with this software. I can only continue to cheer them on and hope they would add those missing features that keeps me embarking on my journey for the perfect game engine app for iOS really soon. Let’s start small guys. Please please add these 3things. Lighting, Parrallax Backgrounds, Background repeater. Ive noticed each one of those game engines I mentioned all had these features and were actually pretty easy to use. So I know these are in the future development for you guys. Just please make it the near near future. Like a month from now if possible lol. @Murtaza @Hamed

  • Fancade recently came out and it looks pretty sweet.

  • Admin

    I'm happy that hyperPad is meeting most of your needs! We really appreciate the feedback and effort you've been putting in!

    Lighting and parallax won't be coming in a month, but I do hope they do come before the end of the year.

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