Is there a way to do this

  • So i followed Murtaza advice on how to animate a large background image by simply selecting each bg image frame by frame under play animation. The trick now is to have the image fixed in the background so
    No matter where the player moves the background stays. This would be easy if my game wasnt vertical. But since it is vertical i only have 2 options to fix a background image. Thats from either adding it from
    The top menu or using the behavior set bg image. The problem with those Methods is that I cannot select the animated bg image. Is there a way around this. Long story short. I want to have a fixed animated background image. How to do this?

  • @SplitMindGaming you could just use a big object for the background and move it to the centre of the screen on a 0s timer.

    Only issue is you'd have to make sure you move the object after the screen moves if you're moving the object to a screen position, or it'll lag behind a frame. Also not sure how that would play with the screen follow behaviour.

    I think parallax layers are/were on the roadmap, which would possibly allow you to make a layer that doesn't move at all when the camera moves.

  • @Jack8680 yeah my main character has a screen follow behavior on it. But I will give it a try to see how it looks. Thanks for the advice.

  • Ok so I made a quick sample file from an animated bg image I took from the web. Basically you hold and drag the square to go upwards. If anyone can find a way to keep that animated bg fixed to center I will love u for life. @Hamed or @Murtaza Please include a way for us to add animated bg images as the background such as I did with this sample file. It would make our games look so much better.

    Fixed Bg Image.tap

  • @SplitMindGaming I think what Jack said is the best approach to this. The ability to create layers that behave like the u.i layer where it doesn’t move. Only we could set these layers behind our main objects.

  • We need this. Simple. Give the parallax numbers.

  • Admin

    The parallax system we've developed works similarly. It just relies on a few things that make it not possible to release yet.

    But parallax is not animated backgrounds... I feel like you're asking for 2 different things here?

  • @Murtaza yes I wanted an animated background but the way I see the parallax system take place in construct is exactly what I needed to achieve the animated background stationary. Because in the video you will notice that to make a bg stationary such as it was like the U.I layer. You simply had to change the parallax values to zero. So in my case all I would need to do is animate the bg. Place it behind the main objects layer and change the value to zero.

  • @SplitMindGaming
    Try placing your animated background on a layer below everything else and weld attach it to your player :)

  • @bosswave hmm that sounds interesting. I actually tried the weld feature but my main character flies upwards and it seems if I weld an object to him it actually affects his orientation. Such as he flips in circles if pressed wrong even if I have lock rotation on. It will also drag the player down as he is pulling some type of weight. I have to experiment with it a bit more but this is a good approach. Thanks

  • @SplitMindGaming

    Without trying it myself, I would recommend setting the backgrounds mass and friction to 0, and maybe using a pivot attach (set to “pin”) instead..? There’s probably a better way of doing this, but this is the simplest I can come up with without messing around lol

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