Another animation bug

  • Ive been dealing alot with this lately when creating a new animation and importing from dropbox. Since the files app is still importing in the wrong order. It will animate the files but now it has a bounce to it. Like its moving up and down when each frame is actually the same exact photo size and it animates properly in photoshop and within pixaki. Im guessing it is an alignment issue when rendering the spritesheet for the image. The artwork are original work so i can email you the files thats developing the misalign jumping effect if you would like to take a look @Murtaza @Hamed .This happens to about 4 of my animation files. Im using the latest beta with the new 2020 ipad pro 12.9 inch.

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    Can you send us the animation files

  • @Hamed sent. I also included a video

  • @Hamed ive been doing some testing. This bouncing is definitely just coming from hyperpad. I had the old version of codenweb texturepacker so i thought that was also the reason. But i upgraded my license and have the new version with the built in preview animation. It plays perfectly fine on their interface but the moment i upload the plist and png files to hyperpad it has that same bouncing effect. Ive also tried this on my other ipad that runs the old hyperpad version. Same output. Any ideas on whats going on? Do u know of a setting i can possibly use on the texturepacker software to see if it will fix the image bounce?

  • So far i tested this setting within the texturepacker app. I had it create a plist with trim, no trim, trim but keep position. They all still create a bouncing effect within hyperpad. The trim but keep position is actually animating worse with a strobbing effect. I would think the no trim would do the job as its simply just taking the images as is without trimming the transparency.

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    Yes I can reproduce. Looking into why its doing that

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    Holy moly! This was a hard one to figure out. I'm still trying to determine if we can fix it, but the problem is because of the "center" of your image. The center is different from your first image from the other two images. The center is determined from the transparencies. e.g imagine if all the transparent edges are removed, its the center of this image.

  • @Hamed i think a good way to workaround is to offer the option to trim or not trim the transparencies. This way for more difficult images it would just import them as a frame by frame basis instead of trying to convert them into a compact spritesheet.

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    It fine, we shouldn't have been centering it. Fixed now. You'll have to re-import though when we release the build

  • @Hamed oh sweet is there an eta on the beta update. I have a bunch of animations i want to import.

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