Made Entirely From An Ipad. First Look!

  • Its been a long journey. I know alot of you guys are probably tired of me asking a million questions lol. But it was all worth it to me. I appreciate everyones help. The game im creating is called The Adventures Of Moonchild. Who is from an advanced civilization race during the Cretaceous period. More on the history of the story later. For now i want to share a few low res gifs from the actual gameplay. The first level is about 60% done and im honestly waiting for lighting to come to hyperpad to really put the icing on the cake and light up the dark environment which the first stage takes place inside a cave. This is a vertical flying game filled with hidden doors, easter eggs, boss fights and alternate endings. Everything you see is created entirely from my ipad. I did use a few assets in which i tweaked to my liking. All main characters are hand drawn and animated using the pixaki app. Music will be originally composed by myself all from inside garageband and various 3rd party plugins. Hope you guys enjoy the first look. More to come soon including a full animated cutscene.





  • Looks like there's a lot of detail. What kind of lighting are you looking for? Some kinds of lighting are probably already possible to make now.

  • @Aidan_Fire looking for more of a dynamic lighting really. One where it affects the environment so when the player flies through a dark area it would shade him a little darker. There will be dark rooms with a torches lit. I actually took your advice from before with the cutting out a circle in the middle method and it worked ok but would just really love a way to do this with the correct lighting engine and not with graphics

  • This looks super cool! Excited to play it when it’s released!

  • @bosswave thanks i cant wait to play yours too.

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