Spooktober 2020 Event

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    Hey All,

    We just launched our latest halloween challenge. This one is in 2 parts. Theres a social media raffle and a game creation challenge.


    For the raffle draw, Tag us on your post (@hyper_pad) or mail (krystal@hyperpad.com) with 2 pictures & a 10 second video of the project you're working on.
    Raffle prizes will be announced next week. So be sure to follow us on social media for more chances to win!

    Rules For the Game creation contest

    • To be entered you must use keyword Spooktober2020 on hyperPad

    • The game has to be at least 2 scenes and must work on all iPad & iPhone devices.

    • The general game theme is spooky! It must be original work, no copying allowed and you must use the pumpkin graphic from the Spooktober graphic pack.

    • Submission date is October 30th, 2020 (11:59 PM Eastern Time) but projects can be submitted anytime starting October 5th, 2020 and feel free to continually update your work.

    Ask us any questions in the comments below or just DM us! This group was created for you to interact, share ideas, ask for advice and make friends - don’t be shy!


    1. 1st place: Beats headphones + hyperPad will help you publish & market a game made by you + unique hyperPad shirt + hyperPad stickers + special feature
    2. 2nd place: A unique hyperPad hoodie + hyperPad stickers + special feature
    3. 3rd place: A unique hyperPad shirt + hyperPad stickers + special feature

    Winners will be selected with the help of the community. The top 3 projects will be selected based on the hub votes. Make sure you vote for your favourite projects to help them win!

  • @Murtaza this is awesome guys. I love seeing the newly updated content from you guys to twitter, facebook and now instagram.

  • Yes! 👍 I agree, this is cool.

  • If I were to participate, am I able to alter the appearance of the pumpkin asset?

  • Admin

    Yes. The pumpkin just needs to be included in some way.

  • @Murtaza My project isn’t showing up in the challenge page? I’m pretty sure I added the Spooktober2020 tag

  • Admin

    @LinkoGames yeah we noticed that. @Hamed will be taking a look and seeing whats up.

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