Any update on lighting or new features?

  • Been a minute since i have posted. I took some time of from my game as other things have come up but I am ready to go full in once again. Just wanted to check in to see the status of lighting coming to hyperpad and any other new features to come. I know @hamed you mentioned it should come out by the end of the year. Below are still my current feature suggestions. I know lighting is more complicated but i feel like the other features below can be easily made into a behavior.

    -Parrallax BG behavior
    -Typewriter effect behavior
    -Audio to fade out as scenes change
    -Alpha clamp effect to create water like material as seen on video below for construct 3

  • Admin

    COVID really put a delay on a lot of things for us. Early on in the pandemic development pretty much stopped. Then we switched to remote, which was a challenging early on, and we lost a lot of development time.

    We’re now just getting back in the groove of things. The update that was supposed to be release months ago is getting much closer to release now.

    After that will be the hub/community revamp.

    Then lighting with parallax.

    No promises on dates since things really went downhill the last time. But we’re getting back on track!

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