Revamping jump with button.

  • I have 2 main problems with the "jump" behavior.

    First of all, I think it needs to change the height you jump based off of how long you hold the button, like in many platformer games.

    Secondly, when you enable wall jumping, you can hold the joystick towards the wall and infinitely climb.

  • Admin

    Yeah the Jump with button behaviour needs some updates. I want it to jump based of a height, rather than power. This way you know exactly the height and makes it easier to design levels.

    But you can do the long press manually for now.
    One way could be use start touching, then enable a timer of sorts to keep track of how long you pressed it.
    If the timer > 1 second, make jump power higher.

    On stop touching turn off/reset timer.

    For this you'd probably use jump, instead of jump with button. In hyperPad you can pretty much do anything you want even if we don't include all the functionality in a easy to use behaviour :).

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