• Who agrees that Hyperpad is the app that crashes the most on their iPad

  • @DGames135 Hyperpad does have crashes, but you have to remember that they release lots of big updates with new behaviors etc and that probably introduces more crashes and bugs. But I think it's better than it used to be though!

  • @DGames135 not me, I still have an old version of photoshop touch from before it was removed from the AppStore, crashes every few minutes. They have definitely fixed a lot of crashes in hyperPad, I haven't had any recently. I remember when it was pretty new after switching from gamepress and it looked so good when they were boasting 400% faster physics engine or something, and then whenever I did stuff it would crash, and half of my gamepress projects stopped working... What are you doing that causes crashes? If it's a project, use email download link and then paste the link here, if you haven't already reported the bug to the admins.

  • Admin

    Can you like... I don't know.. Maybe tell us about them?
    Use the personal support form, or post on the feedback or bug report section of the forum with details on what you were doing when it crashed/why it crashed.

    If users don't tell us, we can't fix them.

    Also, one thing you need to remember: hyperPad gives the user A LOT of power. A lot of the crashes we see users report are caused by them self and not hyperPad. If you use too much memory by importing large images, or don't take graphic sizes into consideration, then it will crash. if you set up your behaviours in a way that is not logical it can cause a crash or freeze the app.
    These kinds of crashes we can't fix, at least not with out heavily handicapping hyperPad and making it not as good.
    We've given you a powerful tool, and a visual programming language. It's up to you to use it responsibly.

    Now, that doesn't mean there are no bugs in hyperPad that can potentially crash. But again, if you don't tell us about them we can't fix them.

  • @DGames135 @Murtaza the only crash I have, in fact, is when I shut my iPad off, and when I turn it on the app has crashed(I think I already reported this). The only other crash I had got fixed in the last beta release.

  • @Murtaza that's what I mean. When crashes happen by the player. I didn't make myself clear

  • For me, if hyperPad has already been running a few minutes ago and I haven't completely closed it (double press home button and hyperPad shows up) and I open it, it will ALWAYS crash the first time I try to open it, then I tap hyperPad app again and it opens fine.

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