1.28 Now Available!

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    End off the year with a brand new version of hyperPad, just in time for the holidays!
    We have fixed major bugs and crashes introduced in the previous update. hyperPad
    now has a Smoother experience with the latest iOS updated allowing you to create
    and share your projects easier,
    We have also added new behaviors that will assist you in game creation- drawing
    tools, Boolean & more.

    What’s new:

    • You can use global behaviors to set up specified specific “Stop Touching”
      behaviors on specified objects
    • Eraser function in Render Texture

    What’s fixed:

    • Dictionary values are no longer deleting values
    • Get Array no longer deletes array values
    • When uploading images via multipart in HTTP Requests, keys are no longer
      defaulted to "image".
    • Opacity variation doesn't affect anything regardless of particle mode, now fixed
    • X and Y variation on Radial particle mode doesn't affect anything.
    • Stop All Sound Effects: FXBehavior: behavior no longer cuts off when replaying the
      same behavior.
    • Quitting the project in editor mode via the quit project behavior after closing an
      alert no longer causes the preview screen to shrink
    • Json parsing error fixed, Using the Loop behavior and getting currentValue
      parameter no longer returns an invalid dictionary.
    • Grid now turns off when selecting tools that are supposed to turn off the grid like
      Pan or Multi-Select
    • Deleting Audio from shoot behavior no longer causes the app to crash when
      opening up the behaviour to edit
    • Changing visibility of an object then pressing undo / redo now reverts the visibility
    • Changing particle colors (as an object) now takes effect in preview mode
    • The modal transparency now stretches all the way over the whole viewport
    • Fixed bug where urls can be used to branch closed-source projects

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