add Split View? iPad Pro

  • Hello,

    I purchased hyperPad yesterday. Greatly impressed with it’s capabilities. A magical user experience, how it effortlessly… digests difficult abstract concepts, into the minds eye via excellent behavior system.

    I have been following along with some of the videos in your wonderful catalogue of youtube tutorials.

    The only thing that decreases a pleasant learning experience is the lack of split view.

    Having to watch the youtube videos on a slide over window or PiP window, is very small and I have iPad Pro 12.9

    Have you guys considered adding Split View functionality?

  • @dumbTactics I’d say there are a number of more important features to consider. Perhaps use another device? Tv?

  • Hehe :P I'm that one guy who's been talking in the recent tutorial videos

    But having split view sounds like a great idea! I hope the developers @Hamed and @Murtaza consider this.

  • @RobinsonX are you rxcodes?

    yes your tutorials are awesome. You do an amazing job with the visuals, bringing understanding to such abstract concepts. thank you so much! the lighting tutorial
    you did using gradients -> genius workaround!

    i also enjoyed the arrays and dictionary, funny and very educational.

  • @TutorialDoctor I'm pretty sure there are definitely more important features. However, splitview, thats a biggie! especially for power users on iOS. hyperPad definitely hits me as a power user app. Split view is native iOS feature, basically copy & paste code apple offers. I don't think it would involve drastic code surgery. also for me, no other device.. just my iPad Pro. my VR headset. No TV. Haven't had one in 5 years now.

  • @dumbTactics Yep, I'm RXCodes! I wish I can change my name on here but oh well 😛

  • i actually know how to do split screen! i can send a demo later if you want (:

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