Suggest: Dropbox Clone Folder

  • Select a folder in your Dropbox to heirachily download to your project, that way you don't have to create all 893 folders separately, and navigate through each Dropbox directory separately.

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    You can link your project with Dropbox,

    Then go in the Dropbox app and move the folder. Then go in HyperPad press sync and they should automatically copy all 900+ assets at once :)

  • Wait, wat

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    There are 2 Dropbox features in hyperPad.

    One you can simply view/import from dropbox like you do camera roll.

    The other is to link your project with Dropbox. This creates a hyperPad folder on dropbox, and a project folder within that containing all your assets.
    Anything placed within that project folder will sync to hyperPad when you press the "sync' button in the asset library.

    This is also how you bring in spritesheets made with 3rd party apps, custom BM Fonts.

    You can learn more here:

  • @Murtaza it would be great if we could do this from a zip or something... I have thousands of Super Mario World assets, but I had to increase the resolution of all of them because hyperPad doesn't have nearest neighbour scaling, so the pixels were blurred. I tried importing them by inserting them into the .tap file, but every asset needs its own folder, so that doesn't work (the assets show as folders instead)...

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