Custom loading screens

  • I know this was discussed at one point, but I don't remember the conclusion.

    When are custom loading screens being implemented? I mean, a customizable scene that's always in memory that is only used when transitioning from one scene to another.

    For instance, instead of Titlescreen>Game, it would go Titlescreen > loadscreen > Game

    I say scene as in able to have up to say 50 behaviors and 8 megabytes of assets as an example, so we can make limited, but move objects nonetheless.

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    Preloading can be used for this.
    Also if your scene is only a few objects and minor behaviours it should load almost instantly with out preloading.

  • I think you misunderstand.

    Say I have 3 scenes. A titlescreen, the game, and a shop.

    I start in the titlescreen. 25 behaviors and 5 images.
    I press a button, it starts to load the main game. 7500 behaviors and 569 images. Plus lots of spawns and big imagery. While loading, it the bottom right corner, it shows a rotating cwl emoji rolling over, rather than freezing the project entirely.
    I visit a shopkeeper, and the main game is unloaded, and the shop is loaded. 750 behaviors and 123 images.
    I exit the shop, and it loads again, animating the information, not freezing it.

    See: Clash of Clans, Xenoblade Chronicles, Call of Duty, just about every game made in the last 8 years, for instance.

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    You can create a "loading" scene, and use the preload behaviour to load the next scene, then switch to it when the preload is complete.

    While it's preloading, your loading scene can have animations, or what ever else you want.. Including a spinning loading indicator.

  • I see what you're saying now. Thanks for clarifying!

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