Random ads

  • I would like to show ads when player touches next level and try again ui but I dont want it to appear everytime they touch it.I want it to appear once in every 3 or 4 times player touches these uis.

    I tried to use add to score behaviour but it isnt working because evertşme you press restar score gets to 0
    Pls help

  • Admin

    Hmm, you can try using the random number behaviour. I haven't completely thought this out (or tried it), but something along thee lines should work.

    Generate a random number, then IF that random number is = 3 (or what ever you feel like) launch an ad.

    I feel like you can build on this idea to do what you need.

    Anyone else have another idea? I think @Abel had random ads in his OrbSmash game, maybe he can explain how he did it?

  • It worked Murtaza thanks a lot

  • @Hakan Murtaza's method works for randomly showing ads, if you want it to be exactly every X times, you could use a save value to keep track of how many times they have tapped restart, then when that value equals X, set the save value to 0 and show an ad.

  • I tried it by saving before but it isnt working as once you save a value event if you use delete from file it isnt saving the new value.using random number is the best way thanks jack

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