Ideas for getting more views?

  • So I'm trying to make a game but it's kinda hard when no-one looks at it and comments what I need to change. So do you guys know any idea how to get more people to check it out?

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    The first thing people look at is your icon. You should be spending a lot of time on your icon, making sure it represents you project and it is interesting.
    Avoid random pictures found from the internet, and make sure it relates to your project.

    Next thing people look at are the screenshots. Make sure they are the most exciting parts of your game. They really need to sell your game, don't be afraid to spruce them up a bit with some text/interesting graphics to sell your game to the community.

    After that, people read the description. This is where you really sell your game. Tell me how awesome it is, tell me what I'm going to love, and what I'll be doing.

    Basically you need to get people interested. There are a lot of great games in the hub, you need to convince the player why they should play yours.

    But that's not all! Your game has to be good! Or at lest show you've tried. If it looks like you're not even spending the time to make a good game, it's unlikely to get comments and feedback. This is also a vicious cycle, because if you keep submitting games that are clear you didn't spend much time on, then people will just start ignoring your projects, and convincing them to play becomes much harder.

    Hope this helps!

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    Also, don't forget to post your game on twitter, facebook, reddit, etc. If you want more views on your game, it makes sense to diversify your reach!

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