Suggestion: Universal screen size

  • Would it be possible to add an option to keep the same screen size across all devices? I've been making my game with iPhones in mind but it has honestly been somewhat of a pain.

    I realize I could have the game zoom out on iPhones to compensate but that could give an advantage over people playing on an iPad due to the fact that the game relies quite a bit on screen space and wrapping around the screen. I'd honestly much rather have black bars on the sides when playing on an iPhone.


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    Apple will reject apps with black bars, so that won't work if you plan to release it in the App Store.

    If you design for the iPhone, and use % positions instead of meters ( in the object properties transform tab) then you should be able to create an experience that is very similar on both devices.

    Creating atruly universal size is really hard to do. We've tried, but couldn't come up with a good solution that made sense for everyone. One solution we had was come up with our own resolution that works on all devices, but it was a really weird number and users would have a hard time designing for it. So we scrapped that idea.
    It is still something we're actively thinking about and trying to solve.

  • It's not really too hard to change the app from iPad to iPod/iPhone size anyway though, you could just move the platforms around etc slightly, iPad vs iPod versions would have slightly different arenas. And obviously you would make the UI bigger too.

  • @Murtaza Thanks for the reply! I suppose I'll just zoom out a bit more on iphones then. An extra couple of meters or so on the sides of the screen shouldn't be too much of an advantage anyway.

    And this is possible by getting the screen's size via one of the screen behaviors, correct?

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    Using the Get Screen behaviour you can get the X/Y position of the screen,
    The width, height, aspect ratio, and current zoom level.

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