Tutorials Needed

  • Just starting on Hyperpad. I'm coming over from Game Salad, which had tons of tutorials and an incredibly thorough manual. I'm finding the Learning section of Hyperpad to be fairly thin. I'd love to learn more about each behavior and how to use them. The Logic and Custom behaviors are particularly confusing to a new user. Thanks!

  • Admin

    We're working on it!

    Keep in mind Game Salad is almost 10 years old. We're still fairly new and still have a long ways to go ;).

    We'll be adding tutorials and more indepth documentation for each behaviour soon.

  • There are a few tutorials on the hub, very few though. Until more tutorials come out, you have the forums to ask people how stuff works, there are lots of people here who would be willing to help. 🙂

  • @Murtaza Awesome! Looking forward to it. HP seems much better than GS, eager to learn.

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