HyperDunks 2 (Maybe)

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    Over the past few hours, I've been trying to make a mod for HyperDunks (My favorite game on the hub). The original idea was for me to make a mode for the game where you could have an entire season! One idea lead after another and now I feel like making a full fledged SEQUEL!

    However, their are a few things that could stop me from doing this.

    -I'm not sure if the person who made the game is going to allow me to just out of the blue make a sequel to a game THAT PERSON made without asking first.

    -Cloud backups are making me want to slash my wrists

    -Their might be a few problems/bugs that might completely destroy the game.

    -Motivation to continue development might be a problem.

    -I also have another game in the works (Yay, more cloud backup problems)

    So, in recap

    • Yes, their might just be a sequel to the most awesome game on the hub right now

    -I don't know wether it will happen or not

    I guess we'll just have to wait


  • @Behroz is the creator of HyperDunks on the hub, mentioning so he sees.

  • @Jack8680 Thank you very much

  • Admin

    If a game is open source (editable) you're allowed to modify and iterate on it as your please. How ever, keep in mind you must be the original creator if you ever plan on exporting to the App Store.

    I also don't think Behroz will mind if you make a sequel. He mainly makes games for fun and to inspire the community. So if you feel inspired, awesome!

    Also what cloud backup problem are you facing? If it's a bug please post it in the feedback forum or email us so we can fix it!!

  • @Murtaza where exactly is Behroz? Is he still working with Hyperpad? With you and @Hamed?

  • Admin

    He's been busy with a big move to a different country. Just trying to get settled right now.

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