Tiny Plane video demo tutorials

  • Hi, will you be including in your next update the much awaited video demo tutorials? This is Aries by the way Sir Murtaza. My apologies for contacting you via Skype last time since I can't log-in to my account, therefore, got no access to this forum. Thanks for your reply in advance and more power!😄

  • Admin

    Hi Aries,

    We just got the latest update out. It doesn't include the tutorials. When we spoke, I mentioned we'd be working on them after this update is out.

    I'm starting on mini tutorials/references for each behaviour first. Then eventually move on to project specific tutorials.

    Video tutorials are still a bit away, I want to get the text versions out first since they're a bit easier to create.

    Also the tutorials are an on-going thing. Not specific to an app update. We'll be adding content to the online manual as we go along.

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