Downloading Projects

  • In GamePress you could download a project and treat it as an app, it was easy to find your favourite games. However branching is not the same, it can ruin the fun of a game by making it easy to hack. If you could add a download button of some sort it would make it that bit more premium.

  • Another problem is that some games aren't branchable so you can't download them :(

  • Admin

    Originally we were going to include a favourite button. Where it essentially downloads the game, and appears under "my projects" in a favourites section. You would also be notified of updates to that project etc.

    But we had to scrap it since we ran into issues. It's still planned, we'll look into adding it as part of our upcoming hub refresh.
    (We don't want to go feature overboard as that will increase the time it takes to release the update)

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