Gaming as Art

  • I just read the following video game article about whether video games should be considered an art form:

    Then, I read a similar wikipedia article on all the major arts:

    It gave me a really cool idea for a game, and I feel like the whole topic might eventually lead to some sort of movement. Actually, I came up with two ideas - one for myself, and one as a collaboration, both of which are related, and of which I'll describe below.

    @Jack8680 @Aidan-Oxley our "mega-collaboration" never got anywhere, but this will be way easier and more planned out. @SpectralAvesG5S if you have time, you might also be interested. @TutorialDoctor I specifically liked and followed your posts, and support your "5 senses" idea great if you can ever make something out of it. @Murtaza @Hamed you might be interested that this will be going on. Anybody else I can get would be great!

    Loosely speaking, I want to create 5+ emotional, psychological, and incredibly artistic games.Yet, I want to create these games with simpler graphics and simpler music.

    The idea for such a game would be making the player pick different roads in a logical way such that they influence the player and lead to different obstacles.

    And the catch: that the obstacles would be hooked to a server, so that players can create paths for others. Like an art exhibit!

    I won't be able to provide the server, but am willing to search up any coding for it. I'll also create plans, sketches, and concept games to steer us in the right path.

    I'm talking about this huge Hyperpad collaboration. And if we ever publish to the App Store, we'll share all the profits. We can talk that out later... It won't be easy, but totally fun and worth it! Plus, I think this sounds like a great idea!

    Let me know what you guys think, and comment below if you're concerned or are interested! :)

  • Where's everyone at?
    Hopefully at least a few of you will be interested.

  • I've always said that game development & design is a meshing of all types of studies. It is as much a science as it is an art. And it can include ALL art forms and sciences and maths and even history and social studies (you have to study the people you are marketing to). This is what makes it so appealing in my mind. I'd even say its the best educational platform for all of these subjects as well.

  • @TutorialDoctor well that's what half the Internet is debating. I discovered that with the Wikipedia articles. :)

    Art is truly an interesting thing. Music is my favorite art. For others, it may be architecture, ballet, or for you, maybe video games. I want to teach players that with this. Maybe even include articles in this.

    If it becomes an underground-type thing, then that would be really cool.

    And for anybody reading this in the future... I want to expand on what I wrote.

    Maybe I should comment more on what I want to do for the path-type game. I don't want you guys to this stuff is official, dumb, or just talk.

    A good name for the game would be "Obstacle. Path. Journey." OPJ.

    You're presented with choices, somehow. Maybe there'll be a character, or maybe just a screen asking you to pick of a few options enclosed in caves, or different galaxies, or even just empty objects. Nevertheless, you pick out of these choices, such that the person assigning these choices presents you with another choice. You're struck with music too. Colors. Effects.

    A silly example (to be viewed in portrait):

    Then, the choices are the outcome of something. Fireworks or maybe sad music. More choices even.

    A silly example:

    Players can have their own emotional battles. Tease each other or prank each other. Make riddles. Jokes.

    Players can both learn and teach. And there can even be different modes. It can be pure art!
    There can be replays. Mini games. And more serious games of the same type!

    How awesome would that be?

    It's a stretch. But I can go as far as to say that this "movement" is the best idea I ever had for Hyperpad!

  • What I wrote above sounds silly and unrealistic. I do feel like this could be good as either a pranking-type thing, or an art-type thing. Not so emotional though XD.

    Anyways, please guys still consider collaborating. I still think this idea can go lengths if treated as a team project.

  • I'm interested, however I do not want to be the leader/manager of this project and we need one, we need someone to tell me what to do otherwise I'll get lazy and do nothing 😝. I think our 4 person collaboration failed because we didnt really have motivation and we had no one getting each other to do anything.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Can you possibly call Jack?
    I'm interested in leading this collaboration though, as long as we keep this thing simple. We won't need any pathfinding formulas or fancy graphics XD.

    Also, as far as leading I had some ideas of making more use out of email, and a trello page.

    We can still text, but as far as organization we can send emails out to each other stating important progress. We can weigh our strengths and weaknesses with trello, and figure out exactly what we're doing.

  • @GameCRAZY I'm here, I'll join but I don't know how much help I'll be.

  • @Jack8680 Everyone is bound to be of help here.

    We just need to find someone willing to run a server, and the rest will follow suit. A plan for this game has been forming in my head, in addition to what I've already wrote and hinted at above.

  • @GameCRAZY I can try to set up a database with SQL and PHP on, that could probably be used to share user created data.

  • @Jack8680 That would be great. I'll make a group chat while we're waiting for someone else to launch on.

  • @Jack8680 what do you use to set up the database?

  • @iTap-Development lets you easily set up a database using MariaDB, which is then accessible through mysqli functions in PHP, which can be run and the output accessed through the HTTP request behaviour.

  • @Jack8680 ok thanks!

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