Feature Request: Group Objects

  • I find myself often needing to group objects so that they behave as one object (one object not inheriting the physics of the other). One object could be a physics object while the other a passable wall object (just for collision detection). I have to use the Physics behaviors but this slows down the framerate.

    Or perhaps someone already suggested this when they suggested Layers?

  • Admin

    This is planned as part of our change to layers.
    We'll be adding an object heigharchy systen where you can have a parent object with children object. The children will still be independent, but when controlling the parent you control everything.

    Not too sure how this will work with physics, since right now it's in the concept phase and. It actually in development.

  • Great! That will be an awesome feature. These test projects are helping me to find a lot of things.

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