Drag & Drop Response time

  • For some reason I want to recall that the Drag & Drop behavior use to have some sort of response time (certain this wasn't the word used) field? Dragging and dropping objects in the Side View mode has really slow response time. I want to be able to drag and drop a non-passable wall object. I need physics interaction.

  • I'll add this request to the one above. Perhaps the "Passable" switch could be replaced with a system where an object might be passable by certain objects and not others rather than strictly parable or non-passable.

  • Admin

    Drag and Drop was changed when we switched over to the new physics engine. It's not that great when using with physics since it essentially over rides the physics engine and does its own thing. That's why you can see objects going through other objects sometimes.

    For best results, you should probably make your own drag and drop system using the while touching, output the position where you're touching then use move behaviours.

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