Suggestion: Dynamic Events

  • Broadcast message with box container containing coordinates of object you wanna select, after received get coords and if coords are equal to box container do what you want it to do? But I think I sort of know what you mean? Would be good to be able to have 2 spawned objects be able to select each other in behaviours without making them collide.

  • @Aidan-Oxley but my point is that every object would receive that message, and every object would get their coordinates and check whether they are equal. With what I'm suggesting, only the object with those coordinates would run those behaviours, because they are the only ones listening for that particular event.

  • Admin

    This is actually something we were planning on doing. As well as being able to reference objects and dynamically put them into Object A / Object B places, or store them into arrays / dictionaries / attributes etc.

    However, this is most likely going to be a few updates away.

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