Feature Request: Update Management

  • I would like to request that update management be added to hyperPad.

    How would it work?

    In your project, there would be a new option for "version", a new text field for "change log", and a slider for "Mandatory update".

    Upon launching a game in "Play" mode, hyperPad would connect to its' hub, and if the client version is not the version stored on the hub, it alerts the user with a popup.

    The popup would contain your version number, new version number, and change log, as well as buttons for "Update Now!" And "Maybe later."

    If the "Mandatory update" slider is in the "On" position, "Maybe Later" would exit the game, telling the user the update is required to continue playing.

    The change log on the hub, when a game is uploaded would just say "Version <number>
    ~ First Version"

    And every update after, the change log would be prefixed with
    "Version <number>

    On the game view screen in the hub, there would be a button to "View Changelog" to show exactly what's been changed and when.

    "Free" users would have, say a 3 update Changelog length, and no "Mandatory" option.
    "Indie" users would have, say 10 update Changelog length, and no "Mandatory" option.
    "Developer" users would have, say 250 update Changelog length, and the "Mandatory" option enabled.

  • Admin

    Something like this is planned. It's a bit further off since there are more pressing things.
    We're planning a "Favourite" system where you can mark games as favourites, then anytime there is an update it will let you know/ask to update.

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