What happens after submitting for App Store?

  • Out of curiosity, what is the process on the Hyperpad end when we push the button to submit our app? Is there a human that compiles it as Xcode or is it done automatically?

  • Admin

    It's a mix of both right now. That's why it takes 24 hr. We'd like to make it 100% automated so the export takes only a few minutes, but there are some things we need to knock out and test first.

  • @Murtaza are you planning to do it in a close time or do we have to wait for long time as I think I am the one that suffers most about this point.
    For the last 2 years I remember you mention about doing it %100 auto.

  • Admin

    @Hakan your situation is a bit different. Since for you we're actually doing the App Store submission part as well. That's not something we'll automating.

    As it is now users are getting their projects within the 24hours we promise (most often within an hour is so as long as it's between 9am-9pm eastern time). If we need to submit to Apple on your behalf then that time is increased while we go back and forth with you for the additional details. Keep in mind this is service is still very manual and requires working around our hyperpad development schedule. This is why we don't publicly say we provide this service and only offer it on a case by case basis. We expect users to have their own macs if they are in a rush.

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