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  • The Hyperpad forum is not the only one that I use, and, in general, most forums have more sections.

    "Announcements" and "General Discussions" are fine, but I would like to see subsections in the other topics. Particularly, I would like to see sections referencing ideas for apps and collaboration projects.

    Obviously not something to work on or decide upon at the moment, but in the future, can the forum have like priorities for posts, and different types of posts such as polls, encyclopedias, etc.

  • Admin

    I was thinking of adding a general development discussion section. An area to discuss ideas, concepts, collaborate etc. But since the forum is so small right now, I just didn't see the need to do it yet.

    I suppose if this is something you guys want I can add it now?

  • @Murtaza That would be awesome!

  • I kinda like the simplicity of it, this day when I first posted a question I was instinctively looking for a category of "behaviour issues" or something similar. At the end posting in General Discussion solved it and it kinda made sense to be under a General section ...
    I would keep it as is since the community around it is not big ... Remember GamePRESS clutter? You want to avoid that ;)

  • @CAnesia I just think it would help spark ideas and improve organization. Check out this site for example:

  • @Murtaza Well, what do you think?

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