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    Note: This page will only be for teasers. Once the official game will be released this page might be deleted.

  • Seems cool. Definitely something different from your other projects.

  • @Dauicrew Yeah it will be something different from my usual games.

  • Well I decided to give another teaser.
    Note: Future teasers might nit come as commonly as these ones.

  • Admin

    I like the art style. Look forward to seeing it in action :).

  • 0_1495831172330_IMG_4246.PNG
    Note: Development is actually going faster than I intended for it to go so expext to see something cool in june.

  • 0_1496440603552_IMG_4266.JPG
    Note: Sorry but I actually took a short break just to play games (YAY) . Well my break finished today so back to developing.

  • That's creepy... Although interesting

  • Quick Update: Sorry but I don't know how to say this but my iPad is currently frozen and have to get it repaired (Long story short I updated to ios11 beta 1 and it made my iPad really laggy so I tried to downgrade back to ios 10 but somehow my laptop messed up )
    If you actually care sorry about these teasers I'm sorry but if not sorry for wasting your time

    P.S: I am currently posting from my phone so don't ask how did I post

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