Apple pencil doesn’t work on behaviors

  • So I just got a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and found that I can’t select behaviors with the pencil. When I try to tap them they just move slightly. I took a screen recording but it’s too big to upload(how do you change the size of a movie?)
    It works to tap other things like the behavior categories, but not would be nice if this could be fixed in an update?

  • Sounds like Apple Pencil is designed to act like it's dragging or drawing, so maybe the pencil itself doesn't tap? Try opening an app with the pencil, if that works then I'm wrong.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I wasn’t able to post my video, but it showed it working on hyperpad buttons....and yes it works everywhere else. I have an adobe touch pen as well and it works fine, but the Apple Pencil is REALLY precise, so I’m thinking that when Hyperpad decides if it is a touch or a drag it needs to allow for a little more dragging(with the Apple Pencil at least) before calling it a drag.
    Idk just a thought......@Murtaza is that what’s happening?

  • @ Murtaza do you know why Apple Pencil won’t select behaviors? I didn’t hear from you guys, so I thought i would post again in case it got missed.

  • @iTap-Development You put a space between the @ and Murtaza so the mention didn't work. @Murtaza

  • Admin

    Not sure why this would be happening. We're not doing anything special with the way you interact with behaviours so as far as I know it should be working.

    I don't even think there is anything we can do to fix this... we'll look into it, but I feel like it's just a weird issue with the way the pencil works.

  • @Murtaza yeah it seems it picks up the slightest motion.....can you change how much you can drag the behavior and still count it as a tap? Or is there a way to know if it is Apple Pencil tapping?

  • @Murtaza @Hamed just wondering if you ever found what was wrong. @Deeeds said his Apple Pencil works fine. The only workaround is to turn on touch accommodations in iPad settings. which I don’t like🤣

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