Pause behavior chat. Is it coming back?

  • Hey fellow game makers!
    For those who used to create on Gamepress, you'll probably remember this behavior. Basically, that one that paused the game.
    Now that behavior was used to be make a "quit game" button (well I used it for that!) So, you could go into the pause menu by just tapping an asset. That was good if you had you pause buttons opacity at 0.

    Anyways, I want this behavior added to hyperPad so that we can do what we did on Gamepress here. Why am I talking about this on the forums? Well if we get enough views and likes on this post maybe Untitled (the devs behind hyperPad) will add this behavior.

    From Joe

  • @Joe-Wojnas Rather than using a quit behaviour, why not make your own custom pause screen and when you pause use set time scale to 0 so everything freezes, but tapping the labels will still work (as long as you have no wait times).

  • Admin

    Answered this question to your email. But I'll copy the answer here incase anyone else also wanted to know.

    We actually have that still but it's slightly different (and more powerful).
    Instead of just pause game we have a behaviour called "load overlay". Use this behaviour and simply load up the procreated "pause" overlay. This will pause your game and bring up the pause menu.
    The benifit of this new system is that you can make and customize the overlays to suite your needs. If you open the project menu (three horizontal lines in the corner) you will see all of your scenes, and overlays. Simply switch the the pause overlay and you can modify it like you would a scene.
    You can learn more about overlays in our manual.

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