Runing HyperPad projects on pc

  • How can someone run a HyperPad project on a pc?

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    By gluing an iPad to the front of it...
    In other words, you can't.

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  • You can run iOS apps on Macs can't you? It's used for testing mostly I thought.

  • I thought gluing the iPad to the computer was a great solution.....i don’t see why that wouldn’t work good!

  • @iTap-Development well I do think the type of glue you use will either make it better or worse

  • @DGames135 that’s might want to tape it on as well just to be safe!

  • Yes but tape has been found to lower down the performance of the device

  • @DGames135 electrical tape isn’t too bad, but yes, it does slow it down somewhat.

  • Also an iPad Pro 12.9 will be too heavy for tape to handle and again slow down. Apparently the 120 fps screen comes in useless when in contact with "TAPE"

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    @Aidan-Oxley said in Runing HyperPad projects on pc:

    You can run iOS apps on Macs can't you? It's used for testing mostly I thought.

    Yes. But it's not ideal. It runs in a simulator, so you don't get full performance.

    In a serious note, we'd like to eventually offer Mac (and maybe one day PC) exporting. But we need to make sure it's good. meaning better ways of handling controls (keyboard inputs) and other things like that.

  • @DGames135 yeah, the tape sticks to the pixels making it hard for them to change. It can also make the screen distorted if the tape is too tight, resulting in areas without pixels.

  • @iTap-Development I would just rotate my monitor so that the screen is horizontal rather than vertical, that way you could just use gravity to hold the iPad onto the screen, meaning you have no pixel interference whatsoever. Works well especially for me because I have a grippy rubber case on mine, so the monitor could even be at a 45° angle. However, this solution does not work in zero gravity conditions, but I'm pretty sure you're somewhere on the surface of the Earth, so this shouldn't be a problem.

  • @Aidan-Oxley that’s true, but if you look in my profile, you’ll see that I live in CORUSCANT. Fortunately there is gravity. But certain gases in the air here have some negative effects on the pixels too, if the iPad is in contact with a pc and not taped or glued. It’s a bit of a conundrum, but hopefully it is resolved soon.

  • Sadly for me I live in a zero gravity area and many attempts at sticking the iPad on the pc screen have failed. So I thought that there may be some gases that might cause the problem so I decided to remove some. After renoving most gases I came to a conclusion that the gas that was causin the problem was oxygen so I instantly began to remove it. Surprisingly it worked but not as expected as the lack of oxygen does not allow me to ...

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