Welcome to the hyperPad Forum!

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    Welcome everyone to the new hyperPad forum. You can log in with your existing hyperPad account.
    Please make sure to check out the forum rules before posting.

    The forums are a great way to ask questions and get help from the hyperPad team and even other hyperPad users.

    You can even use the WIP/Showcase category to show off what you're working on, even if it's not ready for the hub. Just make sure your posts include some images since we're a visual bunch.

    Overtime we'll be integrating the forum features with the hub and rest of the app to make things feel more integrated (especially notifications). Right now they're a bit separated feeling so make sure to keep checking the forum to make sure you see replies to your questions. Or make sure you have email alerts enabled.

    You can also view the forum outside of hyperPad, and access it from any web browser. Just go to https://forum.hyperpad.com/

    That's pretty much it! Just make sure to follow the rules, and keep the forums mature and not filled with useless non sense. Let's keep this a mature helpful community.

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