Hyperpad for iPhone?

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    Hey, just got an iPhone 7, so now I’m kinda wanting the viewer app! When is going to be released?

  • Admin

    Good question....
    In all honestly, the app has been done for almost a year and just sitting there. We've been putting of releasing it for various reasons that don't even make sense any more.

    I'll talk to @Hamed and see if we can release it after the update.

  • @Murtaza great!

  • Why did you not wait for the iphone 8 or the iphone 10?

  • @DGames135 didn’t think about it lol. I got the email from Apple today and was like aww crap.
    Oh well 😔

  • As a person obsessed with apple I was expecting them to show a new phone in September

  • @DGames135 lol I’m kinda obsessed with apple too...I’ve just been too busy to pay attention to the iPhone lol

  • Admin

    Every year around this time is the Apple announcement for new phones. Also check out MacRumors.com, great way to stay up to date with news and other Apple things.

  • God let’s just congratulate the guy on his new phone clap clap clap

  • @DGames135 wow! thank you so much for the applause! maybe you could clap for the new AirPods i got instead?!!!🙄😄

  • So you got the iPhone alongside with the AirPods or just the AirPods alone and no phone

    Anyway congratulations on watever you got

  • @DGames135 I ordered the AirPods in August and they came like a week after I got the phone. And yes, I'm kicking myself for not waiting for the 8 or 10, but I needed the phone so I probably couldn't have waited till the new one was available. Oh well, I'll get an upgrade in a year😑 until then I'll just drool over the X!

  • I’m not sure about actually buying the iPhone X. It’s just 😐 and I’m still confused on why Apple hasn’t named the iPhone 8 the 7s

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