1.16 BUG: Execute Squence and Play Sound Halting

  • I am using Execute Sequence to play a sound, then execute some math and start the next level after waiting 7 seconds.

    I have not selected a sound on any of the three play sound behaviors, however, wait never executes, nor does the next level.


  • Admin

    Are you triggering execute sequence 3 times?

    The first time you run the behaviour it will do the firs child, second time the second child, third time you run it the third child.

    Put the execute sequence on a button to see. Each time you press it it will do the next behaviour.

  • No, however, all three sequences execute the same behavior after finishing.

    Execute Sequence > Play Sound>/
    ................................> Play Sound>> Wait> Math> Level
    ................................> Play Sound>/\

    I would take a screenshot and upland it, but I'm at horrible internet currently.

    Edit: The trailing backslash is not visible in the first play sound text, likely due to the variant of format code execution used by the forum.

  • Admin

    Oh, just noticed you said you don't have a sound selected. That's the problem. It won't trigger the behaviour if there is no sound.

  • Just added a filler sound and it still doesn't execute.

    Additionally, world particles aren't playing even with "play on start" enabled.

    Sending the project as requested.

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