Empty object?

  • @Murtaza What is an empty object really? It’s not a graphic is it? Would there be a performance difference using a colored empty object versus a colored square graphic( assuming you don’t change the shape of the empty object)?

  • @iTap-Development That's actually a good question. Empty objects are different because their colour fills in its collisions. If you just want a completely invisible object, is it better to use a really low resolution blank image, or use an empty object?

  • @Aidan-Oxley and if all you need is either an invisible or just solid color object (something simple like a square) at what resolution would an image make more sense than an empty object? If empty objects aren’t graphics, do they have a resolution like an image?

  • Empty objects are basically shapes that can be transformed. If you were going to make a circle, you can make a perfect circle with an empty object. I'm pretty sure it's not a graphic...

  • As I know, it's just a vector object, if you zoom it in or out it changes it's resolution and still looks nice. It's possible to create beautiful square, circle or hexagon with it, or some custom shape manually..
    If I understand correctly, it's not a graphic. Well, let's wait for the devs to enlighten us.

  • Admin

    Empty objects that are invisible are better, however, empty objects that are visible are worse for performance than a graphic.

  • @Hamed thanks that’s helpful! Just curious, what is an empty object really?

  • Admin

    You can use it as a kind of sensor, originally it was used as a placeholder (we will bring this back one day), invisible walls, shapes, etc.

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