RobinsonX (Game ChangeLogs)

  • Hey everyone! I'm creating a series on the hyperPad YouTube channel where I show people how to use hyperPad in ways that many people overlook.

    Video #1 »
    Video #2 »

    If you want to learn how a particular feature works, or if you want a breakdown on how something can be done, suggest them here!

  • 571FA42F-EF20-47B9-A730-016D2FC4DE98.png
    Sneak peak of a new update of my game! :)

  • IMG_9474.MOV

    Here is a sneak peak of a potential FNAF fan game I'm making. :)
    I still have to work on the camera system, but everything else is looking good! If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know here!

  • Admin

    Looks great, really spooky.
    Is the "level" a 3d rendered image you're just panning?

  • @Murtaza Yep!

  • B87A5858-69B7-4753-A1F9-D5C960703558.png

    I've updated my game with new features. Still haven't added a character to the game yet. :)

  • I've updated my YouTube companion app with some awesome new features!

    • Quality Control: Analyze your YouTube video and immediately get automated feedback based on video details. Know the Peak Period of the day to publish your video and use an API to judge your YouTube video titles.
    • JSON Data: When analyzing a video, the project now outputs 4 different types of JSON data provided by YouTube. I've added Video Player and Webpage related JSON data that you can use for your own research.
    • Add Shapes: You can now add shapes to the canvas and apply effects on it like a normal image object!
    • Reference Image: You can now overlay a reference image on top of the entire canvas so you can take inspiration from another thumbnail! You can also change its transparency using the new opacity slider on the top.
    • Boundary Border: You can now adjust the transparency of the border surrounding the canvas to make it easier to see the edges.
    • Bug Fixes: YouTube has changed a lot (eg. YouTube completely removed the dislike count), so I updated the app to maintain its original functionality. There is also quality improvements to make the project easier to use.

    5ACA68D8-731E-42F9-AC46-7E11CF640740.png 4AB5D926-0011-457E-96D8-8A0C278BA64C.png 0812D0C8-2EAE-4F9D-BA54-5D68EB0F7E3A.png BE2A7833-ACA4-4C2F-B0D0-BAD4F479AFE3.png

  • I have created a new simple multiplayer game that you can play with your friends or by yourself!

    1. Use a funny profile picture!
    2. Create or join a room!
    3. Play a mini-game with friends!
    4. Repeat!

  • I have created a web app that can modify hyperPad projects!
    It is currently a beta, but you can try it out right on your browser right now!

    Some features:

    • Modify behaviors, objects and scenes directly from the browser
    • Transfer behaviors from one object to another
    • Lock your project to prevent unauthorized modification
      And so much more!

  • Hey everyone!

    I made a web app that can add plugins and modifications to your hyperPad project! Not even joking - this web app can copy behaviors and assets from one project to another!

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