UNDO... half baked?

  • Is there really no UNDO facility in the Behaviour editor, or am I simply not seeing it?

    Perhaps more concerning... after hitting "PLAY" to test my game, and playing it, the UNDO history/cache seems to be cleared. Is this really happening? Or am I doing something else wrong that's clearing the UNDO history/cache?

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    You're correct. No undo in behaviours.

    As for pressing play and undo resetting. Yes. This is true. But there is a valid reason behind it.
    Limited iPad resources (and backwards compatibility).

    Running a WYIWYG (What you see us what you get) game creator on the iPad is extremely demanding. The editor alone takes up a lot of resources. To allow for decently sized projects we need to clear the cache and any unused memory every now and then.
    When Pressing play, we're essentially shutting down the editor side then launching the player. We do this so the player can run lag free.

    We could probably get away with doing less of this on the latest iPad Pros. But to maintain backwards compatibility we can't just yet.

  • @Murtaza Is your UNDO feature using a storage of entire editor states for each changed setting rather than a list of reversible performed operations?

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    I'm not sure you'll have to wait for @Hamed to answer that. He created it :).

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    Our undo stores the state of the object you just changed before and after for big operations, and little chunks of data for small operations.

  • @Hamed Profoundly, on hands and knees, I beg you to considering finding a way to make UNDO work properly between playing a game to test settings, and ending the play test and wanting to restore some of the changes. An UNDO list (like history of actions performed by user) would be ideal.

  • @Deeeds I’ve learned to live with the very limited undo system, before I decide to make a big change I use the airdrop button and save my project somewhere else on my iPad. For me, I guess that makes having a better undo system low priority. You can also branch your project and save it as a duplicate in your projects, but then you get a “branched” banner thingy stuck to it whenever you upload it to hub.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I thought they only showed up as branched when you branch a project from the hub, not from your locally stored projects.

  • @Jack8680 Oh, but branching your project does make it a new project though right? So if you uploaded it it would be a new project not an update for the one you might already have on the hub.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I found another "work around"... duplicate the scene. This has been what I've been doing, but it shouldn't have to be done.

    I tried branching, but it's too messy to reload a project to try some other values again. I'm going through the iterative stages of exploring and discerning the right values for jumps, landing, recovery time, acceleration and other characteristics of the hero's movement. It's a LOT of trial and error and testing and discernment to find that right "FEEL", and it's unbelievably annoying to try do this without UNDO.

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