Is there a "USER GUIDE" with Overview of Architecture etc?

  • I've found the online "Manual" and the Reference materials, but not an architectural viewpoint of how everything gets along within hyperPad.

    These sorts of things are normally part of a User Guide, as an overview gives a good (elevated) viewpoint from which to consider how all the parts of a multi-faceted tool is designed to be used. This then provides a conceptual understanding of the parts, processes and paradigms of usage so a user can easily perceive a whole of many parts, and the role of each.

  • Admin

    Not yet. We're still working on the manual (as you can probably see).

  • @Murtaza Got it. Sorry I can't help... I'm still learning... VERY SLOWLY.

  • Admin

    I'm sorry we suck at documentation! ;).

    But we try to make up for it by answering questions as quickly as possible.

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